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It all started with some used boxing gloves, a small backyard, and my father, a former boxer himself, training me and not letting me go to bed until I jumped rope. As an 8yr old jumping rope for what seemed like for forever, seemed useless. Now it's one of my favorite ways to warm up. I have never fallen in love so hard like I did with boxing. The sweet science... oh so sweet.

Training and competed in boxing and mixed martial arts since I was 8 years old has certainly been key to capture some of my best action shots. I can relate to fighters and I know as a competitor myself which moments you want to keep. And whats even more rewarding is having the opportunity to train with some of the fighters and competitors who book me. 

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Hola! I'm Hosanna Rull, owner of iRull Designs & iRull Fotos, a Web Developing, Graphic Design, and Photography based company in the Houston Metropolitan area.

You can say I was destined to be a photographer. I just didn't know it until 5 years ago. I was that teenager who always carried a disposable camera (back when they were popular) in her purse, ready to capture any moment I didn't want to slip away. I earned my degree specializing in graphic and web design in 2013 when a boxing manager hired me to design a sponsorship package for his fighter. Pleased with my work he asked me if I could take photos of his upcoming fight and he would make sure to get my credentials in order. My first thought was, "I should buy a camera then". 

Even though my creative eye for graphic design was key, it was definitely a lot of on the job training. I created iRull Fotos in 2016 specializing in all combat sport events (including boxing, mma, jiu-jitsu, and submission grappling). I have worked for many successful combat sport promotions from promo flyers, social media marketing, and event photography.

As much as I love being close to the action, nothing gives me more joy than to work with families to capture their life, their love, and their memories.

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